Cal Escori

Cal Escori is a rural tourism project which wishes to offer a range of possibilities related with this world and the Penedès and Camp de Tarragona surroundings.

A part from accommodation and a pleasant stay at Cal Escori – village house in Masllorenç town, recently remodeled – where we will enjoy the atmosphere and characteristic elements that were distinguishing from the XIX century’s catalan society, we can also offer four rooms differentiated in their architecture, decoration and atmosphere where we propose the possibility to celebrate group banquets, symposiums, expositions, courses and social events.

We, as well, want to offer weekend stays, when to be able to attend to guided visits to the most representative places of the Cister, the Roman Tarragona, photography courses, field trips to wild nature around the Montmell area and high valleys of the Gaià river.

We will be located at the Major street in Masllorenç, a small town at the crests of the Alt Camp, El Tarragonès and the Baix Penedès regions to which it belongs administratively. The town, is one of the few places in the region that hasn’t been affected by the real estate boom of the last few years, allowing to preserve the town’s structure and being a spot where peacefulness and quiet can be breathed altogether, you will find a nice climate far from the sea’s humidity and the dry heat of central lands. Its unique location between three regions allows outings to very diverse places through very short journeys. The recent opening of the new C-51 road, between Valls and El Vendrell, is the key to a very short and comfortable journey, being 10 minutes from Vendrell and 15 from Valls.

All in all, the m main aim of the project is to make your stay at Cal Escori a pleasant one, different and unforgettable, while offering relevant information about the surroundings and the possibilities and activities it offers, always adapted to the personal needs and likes of our visitors.

Cal Escori is a big village house at the heart of Masllorenç, specifically at the Major street, next to the village’s church. It is dated from the 1700’s. The building was remodeled and amplified several times as we have discovered while effecting the renovations and adaptations to modern days and to modern rules. At the end os the 1800’s, the house already belonger to the Magrinyà family, our ancestors, provable fact due to the numerous documents and photographs and paintings that have made it to our time almost intact. The building was modern at its time of origin, adapted to the commodities of the century and the local lifestyle as well as to those of a wealthy family, owner of many acres of land around the town.
Therefore, some elements have remained unaltered, such as the oil press and five big tiled cubes, which even have its own names. The arch room, where an old circular turn wood oven is kept intact and in perfect functioning conditions, as well as the scale and the pair of scales to weight the grain, and all kinds of elements and tools from the time. One of the most relevant spaces is the Cellar built in the “barrel vault” style under the house, with its original wine barrels perfectly preserved.
The building, which has been remodeled as a touristic country house – always respecting and keeping the original structures and the most remarkable elements, but adding all commodities required to be up to the demands and needs of our modern society – has double bedrooms, bathroom included, the dining room kitchen with some of the original elements kept such as the stone sink, built by the local flint stones. A big terrace and a swimming pool, a gardened area and several rooms, both modern and antique styled, adapted to hold several activities and all, decorated with objects, tools and gadgets from the original house. For this reason, we will find plate sets, crystal sets, manual little mills, mortars, white linen cloth and the original furniture around the house.
An example of the recent renovation is the attic, which has been turned into a big room to hold activities such as courses, meetings, symposiums and conferences, but respecting the arched windows and the wooden ceilings.
The house in its whole is a spot of peace and light, which invites you to fleet around its nooks.