Using and renovating all the well kept objects found in the house, we have tried to create a comfortable atmosphere, modern but mixed with sensations of past times.

Cal Escori has 7 double bedrooms, bathroom included, equipped with TV, although only three of them are available at the moment while the rest are expected to be in use in a near future. The effort restoring antique furniture, and while linen sheets has been hard, but by all means, worth it. Each room offers a unique and exclusive atmosphere; space, orientation and decoration, all contribute to it. The bathrooms are completely new, with all the requirements of modern times yet maintaining a cozy space within each room’s style.
The rooms are named after known stones, in memory of the old Masllorenç’s quarry, where big blocks of stone were acquired from to build the famous Pedrera of Gaudí in Barcelona. Because of it we will find rooms named “granite”, “slate”, or “sandy”, among others. At the same floor as the three rooms, there is a big kitchen-dining room, where the house owner will serve you breakfast, and where the client will be able to cook other meals and whatever may be needed.