From Cal Escori, we can visit all kinds of places, depending on your preferences and the numerous information you will receive during your stay.

The cultural heritage is an important part to visit, being the Santes Creus monastery and the monumental Tàrraco, a must.
Santes Creus abbey is less than 15 minutes away from Masllorenç, and it is one of the most important places from the Cister route in Catalunya. Placed at the Gaià river’s hem, it is a quiet place, where besides the historical spots you will also be able to take nice walks around the magnificent woods along the river.
Tarragona, declared worldwide human heritage for its Roman empire’s remaining monuments, offer a great deal of places to visit. From the Imperial Tarraco, we can take a look at the circus, the forts and the amphitheatre and allow our imagination fly back 2000 years.
Another set of interesting spots are the roman hermitages at the Montmell and Gaià’s mountains, as well as the Hispanic castles. For these trips, we have to be willing to do some walking because some of these are in higher lands.
The roman hermitage of sant Miquel is at the east side of the mountain, it is a little jewel dated from the 1200, from where you will enjoy of magnificent views.

At the same area you can also visit a wonderful legacy of hermitages, churches and castles that were part of the Hispanic defense against the Muslims.
Looking at the natural spots to visit close by, we can most certainly visit the Montmell’s surroundings and pass through the abandoned villages of Marmellar and Selma, and visit the charming towns of Aiguaviva and Can Ferrer. Saint Marc’s valley offers a splendid landscape, forests of pines and oak trees and little paths where with someone to guide us will lead us to the homes of the wildest animals of the area, such as wild pigs, foxes, eagles and falcons.
It is also a short walk to get to the Gaià river, which descending from highlands, between the regions of the Anoia ans Segarra, finds its way through hills and abrupt valleys to die at Altafulla’s shores. At the shaded laps of the mountains Ancosa and Montagut, we will find wonderful oaks and extensions of pine trees. The Gaià river with its majestic presence, brings diversity to the surroundings, creating a great landscape.