Multi-purpose rooms

The milti-purpose rooms, are an important part of Cal Escori’s projject, and widen our offer range of activities arround the house. It has been an important challenge, to restore this big spaces, maintaining the structures and environements.

In the attic room we can do symposiums and courses in a wonderful atmosphere and offer a proposal the may allow groups and companies, to combine the stay in the house, with the management of their professional needs. In the room, there is a capacity of 40 sitting people, the acces is through an elevator of 4 people capacity and is equiped with a projector and a screen, as well as wonderful views.
The arch room is the biggest. In it an atmosphere of older times is breathed arround the old stone oven, the ilumined wine barrels, the press, and several tools found at the house. In this room we can celebrate dinners and lunches for groups, where Cal Escori offers the possibility of providing the Catering service, both sitting and standing meals. The room is located at the main floor, and one can access from the main door or through the old garage’s door. It is equiped with WC and heating system, being specially fresh in summer.
The canyon arched Cellar, is a very pleasant spot. Only the sand floors have been remodeled to enable its use without icomodities. At the basement, it is a spot that can hols any kind of event, from a meals among friends to a great banquet in a quiet and special atmosphere. A few tools and barrels from the original house will acompany you during your event.
The most modern room is the one located under the terrace.A One-piced built-in room, it is the widest and most open to hold any kind of event, from a meal to a conference or simply a ball. Equiped for all year needs, from there we can access to the big terrace or to the garden to get some fresh air.